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Books by Thomas Hunt:

Wrongly Executed?
The Long-Forgotten Context of Charles Sberna's 1939 Electrocution

Was Charles Sberna wrongly convicted of the murder of Police Officer John H.A. Wilson? Was an innocent man sent to the electric chair in 1939? 'Wrongly Executed?' provides the details and historical background of the Sberna case. The story is a complex and controversial one, involving celebrity attorneys, Mafia bosses, violent political radicals, media giants and ruthless establishment figures.

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Co-written by Thomas Hunt:

Buffalo's First Family of Crime

cowritten with Michael A. Tona, is a two-volume historical biography of Joseph DiCarlo, once known as "the Al Capone of Buffalo" and as western New York's "Public Enemy No. 1." The coauthors use DiCarlo's colorful and violent life story as a window into the history of the powerful Magaddino Crime Family and the American Mafia network. The two volumes chronicle a century of DiCarlo family history and related developments in the organized crime network.
Volume I covers the period through 1937.

Volume II focuses on the period 1938 to 1984 and includes an epilogue describing events as recent as 2012.

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Co-written by Thomas Hunt:

Deep Water:
Joseph P. Macheca and the Birth of the American Mafia

cowritten with Martha Macheca Sheldon, explores the germination of the American Mafia in New Orleans, Louisiana. The book challenges the legends of the U.S. mob's earliest days, establishes the facts of the 1890 Hennessy assassination and the 1891 Crescent City lynchings, and examines the role played by corrupt political and commercial organizations in the development of the American Mafia. The coauthors tackle the historical misrepresentations of underworld patron Joseph P. Macheca and suggest that he was betrayed by old allies and deliberately murdered for their financial and political gain.

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With contribution by Thomas Hunt:

The Necessary Reference to Organized Crime

edited by Frank Shanty, is an illustrated look at organized criminal entities around the world. A concise history of the American Mafia contributed by Thomas Hunt is accompanied by histories of the Sicilian Mafia, Chinese Triads, Japanese Yakuza, Russian Mafiya, South American Narcotrafficantes and more.