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Finally get the last word

My latest business venture is the sale of "You're Welcome" cards - perfect items for those times when you just can't let the matter drop. Think about it: So often you receive an invitation card you didn't ask for/didn't want to some silly event you couldn't possibly be persuaded to attend. What do you do? Largely out of an irrational sense of guilt, you send a gift and a card with your negative RSVP. Of course, then the inviters respond to your card and gift by sending you another card that says, "Thank you." That's where the scenario generally ends. But why should THEY always get the last word? After all, THEY'RE the ones that started the whole thing in the first place! A "You're Welcome" card allows you to put an end to the interaction on your own terms.

NOLA mayor to offer apology for 1891 lynchings

American Italian Center to host proclamation on April 12 Cantrell New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell will offer an "Official Proclamation of Apology" for the 1891 lynching of eleven Italian-American men, according to published reports. The apology is scheduled to be presented in a morning ceremony April 12, 2019, at the city's American Italian Cultural Center. The proclamation reportedly was set in motion by the Commission for Social Justice, Order Sons and Daughters of Italy in America (OSDIA). The commission approached the mayor's office with the idea and found Cantrell receptive. The mayor appointed Vincenzo Pasquantonio, head of the city's Human Relations Committee, to coordinate with OSDIA. Cantrell, the first woman to serve as mayor of the Crescent City, was inaugurated in May 2018, replacing term-limited Mayor Mitch Landrieu. Commission Special Counsel Michael A. Santo told reporters the lynchings were "a longstanding wound" for the Ita