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October 2021 issue of Informer

Mafiosi of the West Coast Our look at mobsters who set up shop on America's West Coast begins with excerpts from a fact-based crime noir by J. Michael Niotta PhD. These excerpts relate to the escape to California of New York gangsters - a young Jack Dragna and his cousin Ben Rizzotto - implicated in the 1914 murder of wealthy Manhattan poultryman Barnett Baff ( PREVIEW ). This is Dr. Niotta's first article in Informer . A brief biography of Baff is provided as a sidebar. Dragna and Rizzotto also make appearances in Justin Cascio's study of the legendary “San Pedro Gang” and Corleone Mafia transplant Sam Streva ( PREVIEW ). The San Francisco gangland murder of Nick DeJohn, found stuffed into the trunk of his car in 1947, and that killing's possible relationship with Chicago's so-called “Cheese War” are considered by Thomas Hunt ( PREVIEW ). The article is accompanied by a sidebar story on early Chicago shootings linked with the DeJohn family and by a collection