October 2023 issue of Informer

Informer's October 2023 issue, Gangsters of New York's Lower East Side, is now available in seven formats (print and electronic magazine, hardcover and paperback book, Kindle and EPUB ebook, and audiobook). Contributors to the issue include historians Justin Cascio, Patrick Downey, Michael O'Haire, Steve Turner, Matt Ghiglieri. Visit Informer's website for more information.

A dozen articles focus on aspects of Lower East Side gangland history: 

  • End of the Whyos gang.
  • Historic Photo: Bandits' Roost.
  • John H. McGurk and Bowery's "Suicide Hall."
  • The death and life of hoodlum/hero Monk Eastman.
  • NYC's first Mafia boss?
  • Italian gang chief with an Irish name: Paul Kelly.
  • Sai Wing Mock and the New York "Tong Wars."
  • Frank Lanza's New York firms may have been Mafia fronts.
  • In search of "Johnny Spanish."
  • Racketeering future was molded in young Meyer Lansky's neighborhood.
  • "Death Avenue": Second Avenue, 1910-1924.
  • 1964 narcotics report included mobster bios.

Eleven sidebar articles deal with these Lower East Side-related subjects: Gambling; Eastman's killer Jeremiah W. Bohan; Mafia HQ on Mott Street; The Pelham and Irving Berlin; Sirocco and Tricker; Torrio and Vanella; Bellantonis of Broome Street; "Mutty," "Lucy" and "Kitty"; "Dutch" Goldberg; "Gurrah," "Lepke," "Curly" and "Bugsy"; "Red" Levine.

Other articles include: New facts about 1928 Mafia conventioneers; "Bill the Butcher" wasn't from the Five Points; New and recent true crime book releases; Looking back from 2023: 150, 100, 75, 50, 5 years ago.