Informer early releases, pre-releases

Oct. 26, 2022 - Informer's November 2022 issue, The Mob in Youngstown, isn't scheduled for release until next week, but it is already available for preview and purchase through, Google Play Books and MagCloud. (With a total of seven different formats, coordinating availability by the scheduled release date required that the formats go live earlier for testing and online linking.) 

Here's everything you need to know: 

Some information about the issue is shown on Informer's website. Additional information, including summaries of all articles, will be posted there on October 30-31.

The Mob in Youngstown issue is of course available in its traditional magazine and e-magazine (PDF) formats through the MagCloud service. Every Informer issue, since the first one released fourteen years ago, remains available for preview/purchase on MagCloud

In recent years, Informer page counts and production costs dramatically climbed, and we became concerned about the magazine's relatively high purchase price. In response, we began providing some lower cost options. The first of these was the Kindle ebook. Over time, we added the EPUB ebook and a print paperback book. With the November 2022 issue, we are offering two new formats: a print hardcover book and a somewhat abridged audiobook. The audiobook contains all of the feature article and sidebar material relating to the Youngstown region, but omits the magazine's short "filler" material. (In less important but probably more noticeable news relating to the November 2022 issue, the book format covers are now different in appearance from the magazine cover.) 

The hardcover, paperback and Kindle ebook formats are available for preview and purchase through An index is provided in the hardcover and the paperback. The EPUB ebook format is offered through Google Play Books. The new audiobook format, generated through Google's natural-sounding artificial-intelligence reading technology, is also available through Google Play Books

List prices range from $9.95 for the ebooks up to $44.70 for the print magazine. The PDF e-magazine is priced at $10.95. The print books ($19.95 paperback, $26.85 hardcover) and audiobook (listed at $27.50, but available through October at a discounted price) fall close to the middle of the pricing range.

The table below provides details on each of the issue formats, with links (click the seller's logo) to the preview and purchase sites.

Type Identifier Dimensions Color? Seller Price (USD)
Print Magazine ISSN:
8 1/4" x 10 3/4"
188 pg incl covers
Yes MagCloud logo
PDF EMagazine1 ISSN:
N/A Yes MagCloud logo
Print Hardcover2 ISBN5:
6" x 9"
378 pages
No Amazon logo
Print Paperback2 ISBN6:
6" x 9"
378 pages
No Amazon logo
Kindle EBook3 ASIN:
N/A No Amazon logo
N/A No Google Play logo
Audiobook7 GGKEY:
10hrs:22mins N/A Google Play logo
1 - PDF document reader - such as Acrobat Reader - required.
2 - The printed books are indexed. (Ebooks/Emagazines can be searched.)
3 - Kindle device or Kindle reader software required.
4 - EPUB device or reader software - such as Calibre - required.
5 - Print hardcover also has ASIN: B0BHRFTR4X.
6 - Print paperback also has ASIN: B0BHRB3L52.
7 - Audiobook created through Google Auto-Narrated Audiobook Beta program.
* - PDF e-magazine is free with print magazine purchase.